Remote printer

Remote printer


Instead of dealing with printing on your home or business printer yourself, you can send documents for printing and delivery via an application that you install on your computer. At a minimum, the printing of your documents will be as simple as on your home or office printer, but will be significantly cheaper and more convenient. The time required for preparing documents will be reduced. You will also avoid the time-consuming insertion of documents into envelopes and delivery of postal items to the post office. This application allows you to send letters, invoices and other addressed postal items.
For printing you can choose from various programmes and the document or ERP system. You simply upload your documents to the application and confirm the sending. Sent and printed documents are simply reviewed in the web book of delivered postal items.
The printed postal items are machine-inserted or inserted manually into envelopes and brought to the post office for delivery.


  • Sending conventional post for printing and delivery via computer - remote
  • Simple use
  • Enabling the sending of various documents
  • Quicker and simplified sending of large amounts of various types of postal items
  • Saving you the time needed to go to the post office
  • Continuous updating of the postal book (web portal)

Printing and sending of postal items without even touching the paper

No need for any manual work and long waits in front of a postal counter