Customers trust us

"EPPS provides the printout of invoices for us. They also prepare and send out marketing-oriented postal items with one or more appendices, while also preparing and sending e-invoices for us. They are a reliable and customer-oriented partner." Vzajemna

"Our policyholders are our number one priority and as such are regularly informed about novelties in our range of products and services. One of the channels that we use is direct post. EPPS performs this service for us as they provide high-quality and flexible services and quickly resolve any issues they encounter." Zavarovalnica Triglav

"Our customers are sent notifications by regular post. Due to the large scope of this post we hired an external provider to do this task. EPPS prepares various types of bulk mail for us on a monthly basis. We have a long and successful business partnership with this partner." NLB

"Our company has a large volume of bulk mail, from statements sent to our customers, to marketing messages. We cannot prepare this on our own, thus we selected EPPS, as a reliable partner, to quickly prepare and dispatch our bulk mail." Abanka

"EPPS prepares and sends e-invoices for a part of the company. The service is simple and reliable." Nova KBM

"EPPS sends invoices and e-invoices on our behalf on a monthly basis. Their services are reliable and provided with high quality." Grawe

"Our guiding principle is a satisfied customer. Due to the excessive volume of notifications for customers we required a high-capacity printout centre that could quickly process our orders.  EPPS also prepares and dispatches the most complex postal items on time and is a friendly counterpart." NLB Vita

"We have been in business with EPPS for a number of years now for printing invoices and marketing material. They have proved themselves to be a flexible and responsive partner." Telemach

"EPPS prints out invoices for us. We are satisfied with their services, as they provide quick and high-quality services." Energetika Celje

"The monthly dispatch of invoices is one of the most frequent and close contacts with customers. That is why it is extremely important that it is completed with high quality and accuracy and, of course, tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers. We are pleased that we can always rely on our partner, EPPS, which provides reliable services for us, also diligently following our vision during the evolvement of our joint services." T2


"We use EPPS to send e-invoices and communicate with our customers via direct mail. The services are of the highest quality. EPPS has always been a responsive and customer-friendly partner." Nigrad

"Invoices account for the majority of our monthly dispatch of mail. For that reason we entrusted this task to EPPS d.o.o., as they have proved to be trustworthy." Dom plan

"EPPS prints out our monthly invoices. We are satisfied with their services, as they provide quick high-quality invoice printouts." SPL


"The printout of marketing addressed post must be of high-quality. That is why we selected EPPS as the largest provider of these services. Their services meet the highest quality standards." Hervis

"We demand the most in our communication with customers. We select partners that successfully adhere to our wishes and can provide us with the highest quality printout. That is why we selected EPPS." Spar

"Whenever we need an express delivery of direct mail EPPS d.o.o. proves to be the right choice. The company prints, prints out addresses, perforates coupons, makes booklets, ultimately ensuring that our customers receive high-quality promotional material at their home." Baby center

"We use EPPS to send postal items to our potential sponsors and donors. We require a partner that understands that post has to be prepared with the highest quality and expressly delivered to the customer. We made the right choice as EPPS always listens to our wishes and quickly prepares and sends our post." Rdeči noski

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