Printout services and sending


EPPS uses the most state-of-the-art technology of leading global manufacturers of equipment for all types of printing and enveloping. The production process is fully automated and ensures IT-connectivity, which ensures the highest level of quality, reliability and security.

The quality and reliability is ensured to users of our services through the controlled and secured area of production since EPPS fulfils the requirements of international certificates ISO 27001 – Information security management system and ISO 9001 – Quality management system and ISO 14001 – Environmental management system, thus ensuring the highest level of security and privacy of input and output data.

The printing centres in Ljubljana and Zagreb are independent of each other but use the same HW-SW technology and the same business process while their direct interconnection enables immediate mirroring and ‘disaster recovery‘ with a minimum RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

Through our centralised printout services we simplify and personalise your communication with customers and, through high-volume printout of variable data, we ensure that important data reach their addressees on time. Our user-friendly and technologically-advanced solutions save you time and money. The high capacity of printouts facilitates express delivery of demanding and complex parcels, direct mail and other content.

Contemporary technology enables the merging of different documents and the printing of various barcodes and QR codes. We enable complete personalisation. Since documents represent your company and are a vital element of communication with customers, their appearance (layout) is adjusted to your needs and wishes.

  • Consultancy and comprehensive preparation of documents for print in terms of the design, layout (appearance) and content of data – smart account with added value for clients and end-users
  • Electronic data capture for high-volume variable printouts (IBM Sterlin Connect:Direct, SFTP, PGP, etc.)
  • Information processing and pre-preparation of input data with segmentation and connectivity (XML, CSV, TXT, PDF, etc.)
  • Purchase of all types of intermediate goods (paper, envelopes, forms, etc.)
  • Variable printout of addressed and unaddressed high-volume documents (black and white, colour, single- or double-sided, personalised, design and printing of various marketing documents – selective and segmented informative and marketing content according to any criteria (direct marketing) and cross selling, printout of internal content and promotional material)
  • Selective insertion of promotion material and enveloping
  • Submission of postal items for delivery via Pošta Slovenije’s logistics centre to the main post office in the country or to any location.
  • Preparation and printing of invoices, banking and other printouts, direct post
  • Preparation of commercial forwarding with the appendices of your choice and promotional material
  • Printout of invoices and UPO forms, letters under the ZUP (the General Administrative Procedure Act), registered post letters and letters with advice of receipt
  • Insurance policies
  • Lottery tickets
  • PIN codes
    Paper remains a flexible and pleasant medium.
    Automatic enveloping or insertion of one or multiple A4 documents in envelopes of various dimensions.
    Enveloping of marketing material into envelopes of various dimensions.
    Possibility of selective insertion of different documents, enclosures and marketing materials.
    Automatic monitoring and control by identifying a specific user and postal item.
    B2B portal for on-line activity monitoring.
  • Implementation in various envelopes (DL, C5, C4…) and one-page mailer (pressure seals)
  • Possibility of various inserts (up to 10 pieces of paper)
  • Quality paper and printout on superior printers
  • Colour, B/W, single-sided or double-sided printouts
  • The capacity for large print runs and the quick and flexible completion of orders


EPPS meets the expectations and demands of partners with the most state-of-the-art laser printing technology for fanfold paper printouts and with the help of our professionally qualified employees.

The printing centres in Ljubljana and Zagreb extending over a 3,500 m2 production area with the most technologically-advanced machines provide 250,000 A4 colour and B&W printouts, 58,000 A4 folding and 117,000 enveloping actions with the precise merging of different documents and printing of barcodes and QR codes and optional appearance. Printouts can be on pre-printed or blank forms. We also use a multi-colour printer for the colour printing of variable data, with which we print 100,000 double-sided A4 forms per hour with a very wide selection of different formats due to printing on fanfold paper.

On a production area of 2,600 m2 with the most state-of-the-art machines we print out 184,000 black and white or coloured A4 pages, 58,000 A4 folding and 95,000 enveloping actions per hour.

On a production area of 900 m2 with the most state-of-the-art equipment we print out 75,000 black and white or coloured A4 pages, and carry out 22,000 enveloping actions per hour.

EPPS enables large print runs, quality prints and the quick and flexible affordable completion of your orders while our adjustment to partner needs enables us to complete orders below 100 postal items and also high-volume orders above 1,000,000 postal items monthly.

Simplify your operations with our solutions.